About the GIA

Now claiming to be "the world's foremost authority on gemstones", The Gemological Institute of America was established in 1931. For the last 75 years the GIA, a nonprofit institute, through research, education, and science has built a reputation as the world's most respected name in gemology.

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The Four C’s (color, clarity, clarity, and carat weight) International Diamond Grading System, and the first modern jeweler’s loupe are just a few of the many GIA innovations. Another would be their impeccable educational contributions.

GIA Services

Gemstones are sent to the GIA from all over the world to be analyzed and graded. Trusted world wide for their superior knowledge and respectability, the GIA has graded several of the world's more famous stones such as, The Hope Diamond, The Taylor-Burton Diamond and the Incomparable Diamond. Even the White House and Congress have sought the GIA's services where matters of gemology are concerned.

When purchasing a GIA certified diamond a buyer can rest assured they are getting what they pay for and that the stone they've purchased will be exactly as the certification states. Buying a GIA certified diamond is not an appraisal, but, in fact a precise unbiased description of quality and authenticity.

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