The Shapes of Diamonds

Shapes to suit every fancy. Each of the popular diamond shapes has its own charm and appeal. From the brilliant Round to the stately Marquise, every possible shape for diamonds is a treasure.

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shapes of  diamonds

Some Observations on Shapes

Round is the most popular of all the diamond shapes, perhaps because it is the most brilliant.

The Heart shape is basically a clefted Pear. With heart shape diamonds, personal appeal is important. Not every heart will have pleasing proportions for all people. Some prefer broad hearts. Some prefer narrow.

The Oval shape is much like round. Although it is elliptical, oval stones get many of the same angles of cut as round diamonds. Oval diamonds are sometimes set in rings with their length running with the length of the finger when worn.

The Pear shape is a combination of a round brilliant and a marquis cut. Pear shaped diamonds often look stunning when set point up in pendants and earrings, due to the "Teardrop" shape.

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